DEU, Lübeck, 2023, Haus Fassade beim Urban Art Festival Luebeck, Copyright photo: Fred Dott

Julia Benz

Julia Benz designed the 60 square metre façade of a residential building on Ratzeburger Allee in St. Jürgen, between the Wakenitz and the university district and in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the university hospital. 

With her unmistakable signature style, Julia Benz epitomises the painting of a new generation. She rigorously opposes the coolness and rationality of art, which follows a strict formalism and is underpinned by a theoretical context. She demands a new, expressive freedom in painting with an unprecedented directness.

In her mostly large-format works, Julia Benz manages to create exciting and complex worlds full of dynamism. Abstract dissolutions of concrete forms and self-confident colour combinations play an important role here. Julia Benz studied free painting at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and the Berlin University of the Arts and graduated as a master student in painting. She lives and works in Heidelberg and Berlin.

Julia Benz, Lübeck 2023
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