Lübeck Urban Art Festival (LUAF) | 2023 | Foto: MRpro
Lübeck Urban Art Festival (LUAF) | 2023 | Foto: MRpro


Between Kolbergerplatz with its characteristic 1950s tower block and the Holstentor Community School, Satr created a 100 square metre wall in Wendische Straße, which can be seen from afar due to the street layout.

Chinese artist Satr comes from the megacity of Guangzhou and has been working with urban art since 2013 - a fact that is astonishing when you look at her works. Satr's signature style is unmistakable and of great artistic maturity. Her trademark is animal motifs, which develop an incredible dynamic through the delicate layering of transparent and extremely finely atomised paint. The smoky quality of her works builds a bridge between the delicate brushstrokes of traditional Chinese painting and the boldness of modern Western graffiti techniques. Particular attention is paid to a reduced but well-considered colour palette, which lends the motifs great clarity and sharpness.

Satr, Lübeck 2023
Logo Hansestadt LübeckThe Lübeck Urban Art Festival is an event organised by the Hanseatic City of Lübeck.